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Spotlight on Asante's Gullah Journey by S. A. Gibson

Book spotlight of --
Asante's Gullah Journey by S. A. Gibson
Nefarious land grabbers threaten family farms in the Gullah Lowcounty. It falls to Beneda to bring her people through this chaos. She appeals to the Libraries, those with power in this technology free world. Joined by Librarian-swordsman Asante, Beneda pulls her community together as her grandmother did generations ago. Within this tale of swords and soul, doing what's right leads to threats unimaginable.

Asante's Gullah Journey is a young adult adventure novel that will appeal to lovers of action, futuristic fiction, post-apocalyptic tales, sword & soul, and archery conflict.

African Asante sword and Gullah Beneda bow are joined in this post-apocalyptic setting, for family, birthright, and oh so much more.

About the author --
Published author of academic articles and book chapters and post-apocalyptic “woodpunk” fiction, S.A. Gibson turns his passions for learning and science into accessible worlds of wonder and fascination. He lives with his beautiful wife and their beloved Dachshund-Chihuahua in Southern California

-- Excerpt from the book  
Savoring the pie, Lakisha looks up at noises from the front room.
Zenobia backs into the dining room. Her hands held up, her robe swirling around her legs. “You can’t come in. We are closed—”
An older voice rings out, “I don’t care about that. We have to see the Librarian. Now!”
An old lady holding her white shawl tight to her chest has pushed past Zenobia. And a younger woman, in pants and a blue blouse, follows. At Asante’s wave, Zenobia retreats, backing out in a hurry. Lookin’ for the Librarian.
Gripping her shawl tightly, the grey haired one marches on Asante. He puts down his fork, folding his hands, yet calmly, he stays sitting. He a big man. yet he respectful, like with mama. Don’t wanta ruffle this ol hen’s feathers.
“You have de librarian’s vest on.”
Shaking his head. “I am a library scout.” His calm steady eyes settle on her and her follower. “From Africa.”

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** Author Interview **

When did you start reading, and what's your favorite book?
Thanks for having me visit. I got an early start. My mother started me when I was three or four. Ironically, she didn't want me reading science fiction, but I was hooked early. Sneaking science fiction at the school libraries got be loving Heinlein and Herbert. I devoured space operas like Dune.

When did you start writing, and what do you like to write best?
My first book as an adult was two years ago. All my stories are adventures with late teens or twenty-somethings who are in the future Earth without modern technology. It's science fiction, without high tech.

Where is your favorite place to write? What helps you to write?
I write at my desk at home. Folk, jazz music is playing and my dog, Cantinflas is on his bed beside me.

What's your favorite tv show, past or present?
Firefly, of course. It is space opera like I like. And, it has low-tech elements like horses, cattle ranching, and train jobs.

What's your all time favorite movie?
Smilla's Sense of Snow from 1997 has all the elements I like in a movie. A female hero who is flawed. Smilla was raised by Inuits so she knows all she needs to about snow. She is an ordinary character who has to become a super sleuth to try to help a child. She doesn't know who to trust, and must win people over with her brains and tenacity. The perfect story.

Who or what has had the greatest influence on your writing?
Strangely, I think my academic work has a great impact on my fiction writing. I am interested in imparting information about the world to readers. I want to research and convey interesting tidbits about the world of our present and past. I use Google and academic databases to research story elements that I use in my books.

How do you get your ideas for what you write?
Based on research, I think about how characters would live their lives in difficult situations. I want to test characters, to challenge them, to rise above themselves, or break. My ideas come from situations in real life, or from history.

What are some of your favorite writer places on the internet?  -groups, websites, forums, pages, blogs, etc.
I visit The Dragon's Rocketship Facebook group every day. I have found the writers and artists there to be a supportive family that full of interesting ideas and suggestions. I spend a lot of time on Goodreads, connecting to readers, other authors and groups of interest to me.

Just for fun - if you could be any fictional character, who would you want to be? - either from movies, tv shows, books, comics, cartoons, etc. –
The DC comic world had a character Oracle. This was the secret identity of Barbara Gordon, who appeared in Batman and other comics and in a TV show Birds of Prey. She is confined to a wheelchair and has no superpowers, but uses her intellect and Ph.D in library science to solve crime and foil bad guys. That is the idea hero in my opinion.

Tell us about what you're working on now, or your latest release?
Thank you for having me, and giving me an opportunity to mention my book. My current book in release is Asante's Gullah Journey. Nefarious land grabbers threaten family farms in Carolina’s Gullah Lowcountry. It falls to Beneda and Librarian Asante to fight to bring her people through this chaos.  The ebook is available at Amazon and other online stores. For a chance to win the ebook, enter the Amazon giveaway at:

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