Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Leisure Zone has a new way to request a review

Our sister blog, The Leisure Zone, has just today introduced a revolutionary new way for authors to request reviews from their blog.

This new way is a facebook group, where authors may come and post, requesting a review from the blog. Here's the link for the group:

And the group is called, The Leisure Zone review request group. Join us as we talk with the blog owner, Jacqueline Driggers, about this new addition to the blog, and more.

Q - What prompted this new idea?

Well, I was on facebook, taking care of some blog related stuff; and I had this group that I had created that had never taken off. The group was for people to share book review post links in. I mean, I didn't even post to it myself.

Then this idea popped into my head to repurpose it as a group specifically for authors to request a review from our blog.

Q - Why the change, or this addition?

Ever since I started up the blog, I've wrestled with different ways to handle review requests. The most efficient that I had found to date was using a form created on google drive, which collects the responses in the form of a spreadsheet.  That's fine when it's for yourself, but managing several for a whole team can get a bit time consuming and tedious.

So this is something new that I am doing. Going into the future, this will most likely become the main way to request a review from our blog.

Q - So can authors use this to request a review from a specific reviewer?

Yes, they can. Under the files tab in the group, there is a list of our different reviewers and the genres they review, the genres they don't review, and their preferred format. So authors can read this info and then mention the reviewer that they are interested in, in their post.

Q - Do you get a lot of review requests?

Yes, we keep a good flow coming in. That's the wonderful thing about the self-publishing of today - there's lots of books to review.

Q - What are all the ways you get the books you review?

Some come through our review requests. Some come from direct contact with an author somewhere online. I've done that often myself. Then there's also the free books on the Amazon and other book selling sites. Plus, there's book review sites like Net Galley and others.

Q - Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Yes, there is. If readers would like to get a monthly newsletter with a list of the blog's most recent reviews, they can subscribe to my own writer newsletter, called The Bluegrass Crew. Each month, I include a list of the blog's most recent reviews in the newsletter. They can subscribe to the newsletter here:

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