Friday, November 14, 2014

Change in posting policies

Hello everyone,

I'm Jacqueline Driggers, and I am The Book News Journal.  I'm it, the whole staff.  And I must confess that I'm spread thin now days.  I have to put a premium on my time and what I spend it on.

So having said this, I want to make the following announcements:

Date specific posts are out
Going forward, for right now, I won't be signing up for any blog tour posts that require me to post on a specific date.  I enjoy doing them, but I'm so busy right now, I just don't have the time for them.  I know that most usually it doesn't take that much time, but it's time I don't have to spare.

Posts with no specific date and html provided are in
If you're an author or a blog tour host, and you have a post for me that I can post whenever I want, and you can give me the html, I'd be glad to post it.  But I don't have the time for emails from blog tour hosts wanting to know where their post is at.

Guest posts are most definitely in
If you would like to do a guest post in my blog, that doesn't have a specific date requirement, I'd be more than glad to post it as long as it is related to books or publishing or writing.  Just visit my contact form and send me your idea:
The Book News Journal - submit a story - contact form

Author interviews
These are something I have done here in the past, and that I may resurrect in 2015.  This is something I'll have to think about.

Cover reveals and book release posts
Like I said above, I'm glad to do these, but they can't have a specific date that you want me to post on.  And I'll probably do no more than 3 of these a month.

In conclusion,
I hope all this information helps you out.  Thanks for reading.
-- jd --

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