Monday, June 16, 2014

Author profile - Nadia Kilrick

This week, author Nadia Kilrick is my guest.

1 - When did you first start writing?
I've been writing since I was a child. Seriously writing with an eye toward publication for about two years.

2 - Do you read much?  If yes, have you always loved reading?
Writing, editing and preparing for the launch of a new book leaves little time for anything else so, I don't read as much as I'd like to these days. I do try to spend some time reading every night, though.

3 -  Who’s your favorite author?  What’s your favorite book?
I like so many authors and books that I never can choose one from the list. Today, the first author who comes to mind is Dean Koontz. My favorite book, as a whole, is The Bible.

4 - What writers have influenced you the most?
Lord Byron, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Jane Austen, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, Tennessee Williams... I learn something from every author I read. :)

5 - Do you have a favorite fictional character?  Either from a book or movie or a tv show?
I love the strength shown by Scarlett O'Hara once she learns that her cutesy girlish ways won't see her through the bad times in life.

6 - What are you working on right now?  Can you tell us something about it?
I'm preparing for the November 8 release of book two in The Rough Hewn Trilogy and finishing the third book in the same series.

7 - Is there anything in particular that you do to get in the mood to write, or to get in the ‘zone’?  Any particular pre-writing routines? 
I have the television on with the volume down and put a CD on, usually Celtic music. For a marathon writing session, I keep snacks like Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its and cashews on my desk so I don't need to get up to eat.

8 - Where do you do your writing?
At a desk set into an alcove in the master bedroom.

9 - How do you approach your writing?  i.e. - Do you do outlines?  Character bios?  Etc.?
I dive right in and let the characters tell their story. I keep a notepad open on the desktop where I keep notes about character traits, times, dates, places and the like.

10 - Do you have any advice for other writers?
Read a lot. Do a lot of 'free-writing' if you get stuck. Connect with other writers through local writer's groups and social media. Finally, if you have a passion for writing, never give up.

11 - Are you a morning person or evening person?  Day or night?
Definitely a night owl. I accomplish more between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM than at any other time of the day or night.

12 - Do you have any pets?
Yes! Life isn't the same without pets. I have a big black Norwegian Forest cat named Zsa Zsa, who I consider my co-writer. I also have two dogs, Huckleberry and Pepper whose best buddy is a hen named, Miss Mary. She follows the dogs around the acreage and even sleeps with them at night.

13 - What’s your favorite ‘I need a break from writing’ activity?
Walking, quilting, soap making, cross stitching and watching movies.

14 - How do you approach writing sex scenes?  They can range from mild to wild.  Where are you on the mild to wild meter?
Mild, very. My stories generally don't include sex scenes.

15 - Do you write in one genre?  Or more than one?
I love the psychological thriller genre but I also write paranormal, inspirational, western and have a children's book in the works.

16 - Are you self-published or with a publishing house?
I am published through Master Koda Select Publishing.

17 - What are your thoughts on getting a literary agent?
The jury is still out on that for me.

18 - What about marketing?  How do you approach that area?
Marketing is more than a full-time job. I'm still learning the promotional end of being an author. I've made some mistakes and realized too late that I've time in some areas. I've found that if you are not completely organized, you will easily lose track of where you've been and where you're going. Keeping good records of blogs and websites where I've submitted my book information is essential.

19 - What about beta readers?  Do you use them?  How many do you have?  Where do you find them?
I do have beta readers. Four are people I know from my real life and a couple others who I met in online gardening groups many years ago. Theresa Myrick is a wonderful beta, she is honest and takes excellent notes.

20 - What’s your favorite food?
Italian. Lasagna, tortellini, stuffed shells...Yum!

21 - What’s your favorite color?

22 - Is there a particular website or facebook page or blog that you, as a writer, find very helpful?
The Master Koda writers group on Facebook is a wonderfully warm and accepting group. I've learned a great deal from the writers, editors and graphic artists who frequent the group.

23 - What’s your favorite time of the year?

24 - What’s your most recent book about?  And where can people buy it?
My most recent release is the first book in the Rough Hewn Trilogy, People of Kilmservy Village. It introduces the Stuttshire and Breckenship families from their meeting to their journey from the east coast to the mountains of the mid-south. Oliver Stuttshire has one thing in mind - to make a better life for his family. While working toward that end, he learns the hard way that sometimes, even those closest to you cannot be trusted.

The two families, later joined by others, work hard to make a home in the wild hills of the mid-south but murder, secrets and lies abound from the beginning. Family feuds spring out of the evil that runs through the Breckenship bloodline.

Families in the hills and 'hollers' of the mid-south take care of their own. It's been their way of life since they first settled the area. It continues to be today.

25 - As a writer, what do you feel is your strongest gift or talent or skill that you have, that helps you the most as a writer?
Hmm. That's a tough question. I suppose I'd have to say, being hypersensitive to those around me. I've always studied people, even as a child, I watched and listened to those around me. That has afforded me much material to build on when writing.

26 - Please share some of your links with us - facebook author page, website, where people can find your books --

Thank you for having me!

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