Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review - Women of Eaton: Trilogy by Madeline Sloane

Women of Eaton: Trilogy by Madeline Sloane

Containing the novels:  Distracted, East of Eaton, and West Wind

I received this book through Read 2 Review's 2013 Read-A-Thon event.  If you didn't participate, you missed out on a chance to review some great books.  This book was one of 5 that I received to review.  

I have read 3, that I am reviewing now.  And the 3 books all had one thing in common.  They were part of a series.  And so, let's start there.  How each book, as part of a series compares.

In this book, you have all 3 volumes of the series in one.  So basically you are getting what is called a boxed set.  I love boxed sets.  You can get all the books in a series in one swipe, and usually at a better deal than if you spent the money to buy them separately.  Such is the case here.  This set is a great value.  

I love this set.  Madeline Sloane is an exceptional writer.  Let's talk about the 3 books, shall we.

Book 1, Distracted - This book is about an editor - female, who goes to work with an artist - male, on his book.  Now he is the somewhat lazy type, and the story of her trying to get him to buckle down and work on the book is very amusing.  While at the same time, he is trying to get her to loosen up and engage in some friendly romance.  The whole thing makes for a very enjoyable book.  This book is a 10, all on it's own.

Book 2, East of Eaton - This book is about the mother of a teenage daughter, living with her father, who is opening up her own bookstore.  The whole thing is delightful.  There's a professor at the local college who has more than books in mind with this bookstore owner.  There's the daughter and her boyfriend, who is related to the professor.  Even the father gets in on the romance deal.  In the end, everyone ends up with someone.  Also a 10.

Book 3, West Wind - This book is about a character that you meet briefly in book 2.  So going in, if you have read 2, you already are ahead of the game a bit.  This one is about a young woman who has to go care for her grandmother when she has a fall.  And she ends up trying to unravel a knot in her grandmother's past, which brings her smack-diddle-dab up against a handsome man.  The book is about these two overcoming their families stormy past to find happiness together.  It makes for a rousing good read.  Also a 10.  

About the whole series - The thing I like about the whole series is that you don't have to read all 3 books to be able to enjoy just one of them.  They are all stand alone novels.  It's fun to read all 3, especially if you get them in a boxed set like this, but you don't have to read the others to be able to enjoy just one of them.  

Recommended for ages 17 and up.

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