Saturday, February 2, 2013

Check out this quartet of groups specifically for writers

So this post is about me, and a new experiment of mine.  My blog, promoting me . . . duh . . .  Next post I'll promote you.  Okay?  Check out the welcome info for where to send your news post info.

So, I used to belong to a bunch of writer groups.  But lately I have been dropping some because many of them were nothing but promo zones.  Not much in the way of discussion and such, mainly just promoing.  So in an effort to reduce my notifications that I had to go through, I dropped some of the groups that I found to be not so interesting.

Then I got the idea for one of these groups of mine, then some further thinking spawned the idea of a quartet of groups, addressing the 4 areas that I thought writers might most be interested in.

So here are the groups, what they are about, and their links:

Book publishing discussion group
Just for sharing questions about publishing, and sharing links that contain helpful info about publishing books.

Book marketing discussion group
Just for discussing marketing and promoting your book, and the best ways to reach the readers with your efforts.  Like the other group above, only links that contain helpful info about marketing books are allowed.

Writers chat zone
Just a place for writers to gather and shoot the breeze and chat.  Do stuff like share frustrations, share funny pics and stuff.

The great writer's promo zone
This is the place to share your promo links, and to find links others are promoting. Also check out files for lists on the following:  editing, formatting, book covers, publicity, publishers, book reviewers

Hope you'll drop by and check out my quartet of groups.
-- jd --

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