Monday, February 18, 2013

New release this Friday from Angella Graff

Check it out!  This Friday, February 22nd, author Angella Graff will have a new release coming out that is the second book in 'The Judas Curse' series.  This book will be called 'The Judas Kiss', and follows Detective Ben Stanford on a mission to save Mark and Judas from Nike, the goddess whose vessel somehow miraculously survived a violent explosion.  Walk through the tale of Mark, as he recounts the events which led to his and Judas's immortality over two-thousand years ago.

Check out her facebook event for more info:

And she will be doing giveaways!

Also, Saturday and Sunday, (Feb. 23rd and 24th) will be a free preview weekend for The Judas Kiss, so get your kindles ready for download!

Plus - It gets better!  Here's a link where you can go and read a sample of the book, and get a taste to whet your reading appetites.

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