Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Spotlight - Fair Play by Gunnar A. Lawrence

Hey all!  This is a feature that I started in another blog of mine, JD's Leisure Zone, and not I have transferred it over to this blog.  The book in our spotlight today is:

 Fair Play by Gunnar A. Lawrence

genre - mystery thriller

Book description:

Detective Paul Friedman awakes to a disturbing phone call from his former partner. Officer Glenn Kelley has been abducted. Or, has he? Kelley's mistake during an arrest may have guaranteed the release of child molester and murderer Jasper Davis. Friedman races against time to prove that his friend and partner did not take the law into his own hands. Doug Lipton is the defense attorney who aids in getting Jasper Davis acquitted and finds himself at the mercy of a madman calling himself Justice.

Fair Play is set in the city of Orlando, Florida and is a fast paced mystery thriller that will force the reader to ask, "Who is the real villain?"

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