Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome! And some news

Welcome to the brand new home of  ** The Book News Journal **

This started out as a book news post in my Leisure Zone blog.  Now originally I had created this blog for something else, and decided not to use it for that purpose.  Well, I got to thinking, and decided to change it into a book news blog.

So on to the news:

One Wrong Move by Elaine Fields Smith comes out in February, based on true crime.

From Margaret Arvanitis -
To be launched in February. 
My HANK OF TWIN RIVERS Series - Book One "Journey of Change"

This is about a pioneer boy’s journey from a shy, withdrawn boy to a self-made young man; of his adventures on the Oregon Trail from north Iowa to western Nebraska. It tells of his often-dangerous life on the Midwest plains. He conflicts with his father who believes that punishment will make a man out of a boy. His Irish Uncle Mac brings humor into his life and serves as a buffer between the two. His love for his pet cow, Clementine, makes life easier. He tangles with the thieving Butler Brothers, rattlesnakes, buffalo stampedes, and flash floods, gets acquainted with an escaped slave now a tracker along the Platte, and discovers the preacher's daughter, a tomboy who doesn't like boys. See cover art and more at

From Tiffany Carmouche:
 The Impostor, A Love story will be coming out in hardcover and the second book in the Alaskan trilogy, Obsession and Sacrifice, will be released on ebook.

Author DeeDee Scott announced
that ‘The Stuck with a Series Boxed Set #1 (The Stuck with a Series Boxed Sets) is here.  Just $2.99 on Kindle.  It will be available on Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords soon too!!!  The author says, “Think Castle and Beckett gone-country!”

A message from Tim Holloway
about his project ‘Peril’.

Hello FB Friends,

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback and some great questions about the project. Many followers would like to know what's our next step.

We'll be launching a fundraising campaign for the motion comic project at the end of January to generate a "buzz" about the feature film project. Currently, the project's concept artists have been creating concept art based on characters, ships and technology from the book "P E R I L." There are investors and industry creatives monitoring our progress closely in an effort to vet the market value potential of the feature film. Among them are individuals who have been involved with The Avengers, The Hobbit, Harry Potter Franchise, Star Wars, and other high profile projects. So its important that we get maximum fan support and market exposure.

Your "like", "share", and "follow" can help us achieve our goal. It takes a village, so please give us your support. As always its greatly appreciated.

Timothy Holloway

Got a free kindle book you want
people to know about?  Then visit this website link and share your kindle free book info with them:

From Ruan Oosthuizen:
My first Kindle book, the first part of a series called “The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger” is live right now on Amazon.  The book is called “The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger: Learn How To Transform From A Regular Blogger Into A Freelance Blogger”. In this first part of the series I share my personal transformation process from regular blogger into a freelance blogger and the actions I took to get me where I am today.
As a BONUS, included is a step-by-step blueprint anyone can follow to get started and set things up in order to land that first paid blogging gig.
The book can be downloaded at the following locations as well as all other Amazon departments:
If you happen to download it and liked it, please consider leaving me a positive review on the Amazon domain you bought the copy from.
Thank you.

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